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Carried By Dog Sled

February 17, 2009
John Beargrease Letter (crop)

by erikrasmussen, on Flickr")Dog sledding is one of those activities where I think it's really cool that other people do it. Personally, I will go to only very short lengths when it comes to trading comfort for adventure. My Uncle Neil is one such dog sledding crazy person enthusiast. He recently sent me a letter that has about the coolest postmark I've ever seen: "Carried By Dog Sled".

Every year in northern Minnesota, they celebrate the John Beargrease Dog Sled Marathon in honor of a Native American man who used to deliver the mail by dog sled along the shore of Lake Superior. From their website:

For almost twenty years, between 1879 and 1899, John Beargrease and his brothers delivered the mail between Two Harbors and Grand Marais. With the limited equipment available and loads weighing as much as 700 lbs. The trip was made once a week…an incredible feat for one man to accomplish especially when you consider the constant range of altitude along the shore.

John Beargrease Envelope John Beargrease Letter John Beargrease Letter (crop)

by erikrasmussen, on Flickr")

This letterhead was almost certainly drawn by my Aunt Barb, who is quite an artist, especially when it comes to drawing canines.

John Beargrease Envelope (crop)

by erikrasmussen, on Flickr")

Coolest postmark ever!

Neil on sled

This is a picture of my Uncle Neil in the John Beargrease Marathon from 2008.

Neil on sled

I love the little boots the dogs wear.

Thank you, Uncle Neil and Aunt Barb, for sharing your passion with us in this unique way.