American in Spain

Laredo Webcam

January 26, 2009

If you're ever curious what the weather is (or was) like here, there's a solution! I recently discovered a very well done 360° webcam in nearby Laredo. You can download 7330x900 high resolution photos from every quarter hour of daylight going back to November 3, 2007. It will also generate timelapse videos, but 15 minutes is too long of an interval to make an interesting timelapse video.

Where is it?

It's not just nice to see the weather, it's also perfectly positioned to show the local topography, clearly showing the point of Laredo beach reaching towards Mount Buciero, with the town of Santoña to the left of the base of Mount Buciero. Here, have a Google Map:

Where do I live?

Most of Colindres is obscured by a small patch of forest. As the camera is spinning around, just to the right of the antenna, you'll see a forest and Pico Candiano (where the photo in my blog header was taken) behind it. Colindres, and my house, is somewhere in the middle.

Colindres from Laredo Web Cam

There I be.