American in Spain

Conversations With a Pregnant Woman - Episode 2

January 12, 2009

On Saturday, we bought some pot. And a couple pans too. We finally got around to spending a 300€ gift card we had received as wedding present fifteen months ago. This past weekend was a big shopping day in Spain, the first weekend after Kings Day with 20%, 30% and 50% sales on lots of stuff. We've had our previous sauce pan set for seven years now and it was time for an upgrade. With the 50% sales, we ended up with 500€+ worth of new cookware without paying a dime. Yay. We also took advantage of the sales in the 0-6 months kids section. It really disgusts me that everything is either pink or light blue. Enough with the pink already! There are more colors in the visible spectrum! We even bought Nora a winter coat for next winter. Gotta take advantage of the annual sales while we can, right?

Yesterday, I'm sitting on the couch watching television, and Marga sits down beside me, lies down across the full length of the couch, puts her feet on my lap.

Marga: "If you happened to feel the urge to give me a foot massage, that would be fine with me."

[5 seconds pass]

Marga: "...and may I remind you that I'M CARRYING YOUR CHILD!"

On a side note, this video reminded me of my lovely wife last week.

Later, we're on the sofa still, I'm resting my hand on the basketball Marga's belly.

Erik: "Man, that's really annoying."

Marga: "What?"

Erik: "La niña, she's constantly kicking my hand. It's hard to concentrate on the television."

Marga: "You're annoyed???"

Erik: "Yeah, she never stops."

Marga: "YOU'RE annoyed?? YOU are complaining??"

Seriously, this kid's already more athletic than her parents.