American in Spain

Happy Kings Day

January 6, 2009
Kings Day Mouse

Today is the big commercial gift giving day in Spain. The three Mage Kings paraded around town last night. It's pretty boring this year, but I suspect it will be a lot more fun to see through a child's eyes in the coming years. Marga came home yesterday and played the "craving" card to get a roscon de reyes a day early. Since she got the prize last year, she had to pay for it, but it hit me this year, so I'll have to buy next year. I explained this tradition last year. Roscones de Reyes

The local grocery store full of roscones de reyes.

Kings Day Mouse

The little cheese-snarfing elephant mouse critter that I managed to not choke on in my cake. I still have the turtle from last year.

Happy Kings Day! Now we can finally take our Christmas tree down...