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O Tannenbaum

December 24, 2008
Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree looks extra lovely this year, in my opinion. I think it's because I took extra time to separate each branch as much as possible. In past years there was too much haste involved. Growing up in the carpet-dominated United States, I never knew the joy of Christmas tree floor reflections. It's like having two trees in one! Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Reflection

Yay for hardwood floor Christmas light reflection!

Golfing Santa Ornament

Golfing Santa shortly before a beautifully executed swan dive that broke off the head of his golf club. Nothing a little glue can't fix, but his handicap might go up.

Sun Ornament

Sun face. Not a typical representation of a star at Christmas, is it?

Angel Ornament

Sad angel with dramatic lighting.

Christmas Tree

Full tree reflection.