American in Spain


December 23, 2008
Lights with Church

We spent a lot of time in Laredo this past weekend. I vaguely recall Laredo's Christmas decorations being pretty disappointing in previous years, but this year they've done an excellent job. The first two photos are of one single nativity model, but there was a concrete column preventing me from making a continuous panorama. The detail was incredible. There were even goldfish swimming in the river. Nativity Panorama

I love the minarets. Because Islam was already in full swing when Jesus was born.


The three kings make their way between the palm trees to the majestic stone arched manger built into the side of a mountain. Because it happened that way.

Paper Maché Nativity Scene

A life-sized paper maché nativity scene with blue-eyed Jesus. Life-sized paper maché humans should be prohibited. Too creepy.

Lights with Church

One of many sets of lights across the road with a medieval church wishing you "Peace" in the background.