American in Spain

This post has been foiled

December 18, 2008

We have quite a few lamp posts in the small town I live in. A year ago, they all got a fresh paint job of black matte paint and official stickers that always make me chuckle reading roughly, "Affixing stickers is prohibited!" Apparently, when they were painting them, they noticed how many "flat for sale!" papers had been taped to the posts at eye level and they wanted to stop such defacing of public property. Good on 'em.

Two days ago, I noticed that one of the lamp posts had been vandalized! It's unclear to me what the intended goal of the vandal(s) was. Personally, I'm quite happy with the bidirectional reflectance distribution function of the town's lamp posts. This lamp post does, however, reside on the coolest teenage hangout corner in town. The youngfolk spend hours upon hours sitting sulkily on the steps of this bank. This post has been foiled

Drats, foiled again!