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Pre-Thanksgiving Cabin Party 2008

December 1, 2008
The sunset begins

On Sunday, November 23rd, Marga and I "hosted" a cabin party at my good friend, Phil's, mountain cabin on top of Burkemont Mountain, a well-known mountain in the southern part of my home county. Phil inherited the land and has built a wonderful little weekend cabin more-or-less singlehandedly. Between Phil's handiwork and his wife, Donna's, eye for interior decorating, they have created the most adorable, cozy spot perched atop a mountain with the most stunning sunset views. It was wonderful to see and keep in touch with old friends. We had a fabulous time. Phil's Cabin

The cabin's living room.

Phil's Cabin

The cabin's dining room.

Party Food

Party food: tuna sushi in wasabi sauce, fried vegetables, crackers, tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh basil, and a trifle cake.

Linda's Trifle

Linda's trifle: cake, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, nuts, whipped cream.... Drooling yet?

Linda crowned with her own dessert

Linda is crowned with her own dessert.

Linda poses with her trifle

Creator and the creation.

Mozzarella and Basil

Basil and mozzarella. Mmmm...Mediterranean.

Enjoying the view from the deck

Out on the deck, ready for the sunset.

Phil tells a story

Phil tells a story.

Red and White

Red and white wine in plastic cups. Party on.

Blurry Party Panorama

A slightly blurry party panorama.

John and Paul discuss the important issues of the day

John and Paul discuss the issues of the day.

Cabin Party in Full Swing

Candid partying shot.

The sunset begins

The sunset begins...

John and Marga

John and Marga are ready to watch the sunset.

Sunset Keg

Sunset keg. From the Olde Hickory Brewery. It was some kind of "Hefeweisse" German white beer. Delicious.

Leighton Make Fire!

Leighton, Phil's son, starts a bonfire.

Paul, Betsy, and Robin

Paul greets Robin, the mother of a good friend of mine. It was great to see her again.

Cabin Sunset

Pretty fantastic sunset.

Erik and Marga at Sunset

"Quick! Take the photo before the sun goes away!"

John, Linda, David, Amy, Donna, Leighton, Joshua, and Seth warm themselves by the fire

John, Linda, David, Amy, Donna, Leighton, Joshua, and Seth warm themselves by the fire.

Sparkler in the Fire

Leighton throws some sparklers on the fire.

John Empties the Keg

John puts the keg out of its misery.

Games in the Cabin

A blurry shot of a board game being played while the party winds down.

We had a great time and it was wonderful to see everyone again. Marga and I spent that night in the cabin as the wind whistled and the cabin creaked.

A huge thanks to Phil for letting us hold a party and spend a night in his place. We enjoyed it a lot.