American in Spain

Hey, Little Bunny!

October 30, 2008

It's time for another edition of Strange Things You Might Find On Your Plate In Spain. Previously on STYMFOYPIS.... Hey, Little Piggy!

It is very, very common in Spain to eat rabbits. Any of the 15 small butcher shops in my small town will have a whole skinned rabbit any day you go in to ask for one. It's typical to cook it with onions and, ironically, carrots. The meat is very good, a little like dark poultry meat. Still, it's funny when you recognize something on your plate and it brings you back to what it is, exactly, that you are consuming. Rabbit Skull

We don't eat the skull. These photos were taken on a Tupperware cover after the meal was over and before discarding the little bunny's succulent noggin.

Rabbit Skull

Love those teeth. Nom nom nom!