American in Spain

Pico de las Nieves with Robert and Ania

October 27, 2008
Human Totem Pole (cropped)

by erikrasmussen, on Flickr")This past weekend, we were visited by some friends of ours, Robert and Ania. I met Robert while working as an IT contractor in England. They came to our wedding last year, and this year they got married in Ania's hometown of Toruń, Poland. Unfortunately, because of the available airline flights, there was no good way for us to travel to Toruń for their wedding without spending a ton of money or having 24-hour layovers each way. Thankfully, we had not booked flights, because their wedding took place during one of Marga's worst weeks of her first trimester, and she would have been miserable. As a wedding present for them, we offered to fly them, carbon free, to our house for a weekend to come see us. We had a wonderful visit. On Saturday, I took them up to my new favorite place to take visitors: Pico de las Nieves. Robert points out something

Robert points out a swooping swallow. Robert loves hang-gliding, and he was filled with envy as he watched the swallows zooming around like jet fighters.

Robert watching the swallows

Ania rests in the sun.

Horses Everywhere!

There were lots of horses around.

Ania goes to investigate a cross

Ania ventures out to see what this iron cross is about.

Ania by the cross

Hi, Ania!

High Altitude Lake

I love this mountain lake.

Ania and Robert in front of distant Colindres

Robert and Ania with Colindres in the background.


Newlyweds. Get a room, you two!

Distant Snowy Peaks

Snowy peaks in the distance.

Human Totem Pole

A human totem pole. Well, okay, only two of them are Polish.

It was really warm up there. No wind whatsoever and about 19 or 20° C. And it would be even warmer on Sunday for our trip to Santander.