American in Spain

Actual Birthday Lunch

October 15, 2008
Cutting Jamón

Since we celebrated my birthday a day early with a big family lunch on Saturday, on Sunday, we had a lower key lunch out with more intimate family members. What was cool was that, while watching the national military parade in Madrid, I used my iPhone to find us a restaurant. No one knew the names of the restaurants, just generally where they were. So I zoomed in on a nearby town, Udala, and searched for restaurant. Two appeared on my map and I tapped on them and a second later was talking to them on the phone making reservations. That was the first time I've done something like that with my iPhone. Awesome. Living Room

A panorama to get a wide angle in my in-laws' living room.

Wine Bottle Cowboy

This is a little wine bottle cowboy that we gave Juan a couple years ago. I love it.

Dining Room Panorama

A panorama of the central dining room.

Alejo, Juan, and Erik

Once we had a restaurant chosen, we went out for champis.

Actual Birthday lunch

At lunch.


Aunt Marga looks at parasite pictures on my iPhone.

Actual birthday lunch

Obligatory group shot.

Pinapple Sorbet

One of the best desserts I've had in a while. Pineapple sorbet served inside a frozen pineapple. Mmmm!!

Belén, Abuelo, and Betsy

Grandpa goes over to visit Belén and Betsy at the ladies side of the table.

Abuelo and wine bottle

Happy Grandpa.

Juan cutting jamón

Back at home for dinner later, Juan cut some jamón for us.

Cutting Jamón

Ham carving is an art in Spain.

We had a lovely dinner with a long sobremesa (talking at the table after eating has ceased). But eventually it was time to say our goodbyes and take my parents back to their hotel for an early morning departure the next day.


By the time we were having breakfast with my parents at the hotel, the bar was already filled with exquisite tapas. They must have begun making them very early in the morning.

Mondragon Gate

A pseudo-artistic shot (see the church bell through the hole?) of one of Mondragon's gates after saying agur to my parents.

My parents had a wonderful visit and everyone here can't wait for them to visit again.