American in Spain

Thursday Salsa Dancing

October 14, 2008
Thursday Salsa

For the past couple years, Marga and I have been going out salsa dancing most Thursday nights, and we have become good friends with the group that we go out with. The ritual involves meeting at a bar, having a beer, going to another bar, having another beer, going to a sandwich bar, having a sandwich, and then finally going to another bar that puts on salsa, meringue, bachata, and cha-cha-cha music just for us. The routine is so regular that the bartenders at each place know us and give us regular customer perks. It's very nice. Last Thursday, my parents got to go along for the ride. Thursday Salsa

Having sandwiches.

Thursday Salsa

The whole gang. Click through to Flickr to see names.

Duff Cerveza

An empty bottle with a fake label. Fox could sell the license to that name for a lot of money.

Thursday Bachata

Dancing bachata with Marga. It's an intimate dance.

Salsa with Elena

Salsa with Elena.

Salsa with Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos was very patient dancing with my mother, who can count her hours of salsa lessons on one hand.

After about an hour or so, it was time to head home. The next day we had a mountain hike planned!