American in Spain

Parents in Colindres

October 14, 2008
Paul and Betsy eating Spanish food

My parents came for a visit this past week. As always, I tried to show them a good Spanish time with lots of good food, good wine, and good weather. The first day they were here the weather was pretty bad, but eventually we got to go out around Colindres and Laredo. Here are a few photographs. Paul wants some Spanish Omlette

Paul eyes a tortilla de patatas I made.

Erik makes a Tortilla de Patatas

The chef and his creation.

Paul and Betsy eating Spanish food

A good picture of my parents and my tortilla. I'm proud of both.

Paul and Betsy in Colindres

Obligatory walk out by the fishing boats.

Mother and Son

Mother and son and fishing boats.

Father and Son

Father and son by the water.

Boat Reflection

While we rested on a bench (parents are old), I couldn't resist an artistic water reflection shot.

Fishermen statue in Laredo

There was clearly a missing fisherman in this statue. Paul knew what he had to do.

Heavy Anchor

My folks found this anchor out in the water and effortlessly carried it up onto shore.

Laredo Pan

A panorama overlooking Laredo's beach. Photoshop refused to stitch this panorama together without turning my father into a scary cyclops. See larger version.

Laredo Marina Construction Panorama

The construction building the new Laredo marina is coming along nicely.

Paul being silly

Clowning around. Not unlike my father-in-law.


Up on this hill there was a paraglider flying around. When he saw us, he swooped down towards us a few times. I only got one pass on video, though. He was pretty insane skillful.

revver(1240738) Medieval Laredo Streets

Heading back down into the medieval streets of Laredo.