American in Spain

Saturday Photos

September 27, 2008

What follows are some photos I took with my iPhone this Saturday. In the morning, I played golf with my friend Manolo. He picked me up at 8:15 and we were back at 14:35. In those six hours and twenty minutes, we only had time to play 13 holes, stopping short to return home for lunch to not displease our better halves. That's the problem with having a golf course 45 minutes away and including a shower and beer in the club house in the ceremony. I had a good time. Beer is never better than after three hours of walking up and down mountains in the sun carrying a heavy bag and taking a shower before hitting the bar. I was nine over on the front nine with a triple bogey (lost ball), so I had quite a few pars and bogeys. When I got home, I was beat. A little salad for lunch and direct to the siesta.

All the photos you're about to see were geo-tagged to within 17 meters and uploaded to Flickr within seconds of the shutter opening. Ain't technology amazing? Misty mountain golf

Nice and sunny up there above the clouds. I wore a sweater for the first hole and then played the rest in short sleeves, wishing I had short pants towards the end.

Misty mountain golf

A misty mountain view from the fourth tee.

After siesta-time, Marga and I went for a sunny afternoon walk around town. The rest of the photos are from that walk.

Old gate

Old stone gate. The house to the left that this gate belongs to is the crumbling mansion I mentioned previously. The doors are covered with propaganda posters for local concerts and events.

Green stuff

Green algae and sea weed visible at low tide. I'm normally not one to experiment with odd camera tilts, but it seemed appropriate here.

Evening in Colindres

For a bit of symmetry, the same sun from the first picture on its way down in the west.