American in Spain

You'll have to drink mine for me

September 26, 2008

Today I'm going to share a little joke that my father-in-law tells every time someone makes the clichéd comment of "No, I can't go to [wherever], you'll have to drink my drink for me." It's a pretty good joke. When you retell it, you should change the foreign land and the drinks ordered to fit your culture.

A man walks into a bar, sits on a stool and orders three glasses of wine. He proceeds to sit there by himself and drink each glass. The bartender thinks this is a bit weird, but he leaves the man alone. The man comes in the next day and does the same thing. The bartender can't resist and has to ask why he would order all three drinks at once like that.

"My two best drinking buddies went to Germany to find work," the man explains. "They told me I'd have to drink their wine for them until they got back." The man continues entering the bar and ordering three glasses of wine every day for months.

One day, the man sits at the bar and orders only two drinks. The bartender is shocked! "Oh no!" says the bartender, "Did one of your friends die?"

The man says, "No, they're both fine. But my doctor says I can't drink alcohol anymore."