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Obama Biden Morph

September 19, 2008
Obama Biden Morph

It wouldn't be very fair of me to only morph John McCain and Sarah Palin together, now would it? I prefer to think of myself as a politically neutral face mangler.

The Obama-Biden merger was much easier because of similar postures and general head shape and hair style (no bangs). Plus, I think I'm getting a little better at it. Unlike the wide-jawed grandmother that resulted from morphing the Republican presidential ticket, the Democratic ticket results in a pretty good-looking guy. Perhaps even handsomer than either of the two candidates on their own. Some things I've learned from this experience are that Obama has very large eyes and a wide mouth. All professional magazine photoshoppers (the ones responsible for destroying your self image) know that humans associate those two features with youth and attractiveness. Biden has some tiny little eyes, the kind that make him seem untrustworthy. Morphed faces are interesting because of how you can see both people, but never at the same time. It flips like a Necker Cube or the Vase/Profiles illusion.

I present to you...

Obama Biden Morph

Barry-Joe Obamden

And finally the video...

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