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Palin Rhymes

September 15, 2008

Am I the only one that is disappointed with the media for not coming up with any headlines that rhyme Palin with an abbreviated gerund? C'mon guys! Here, I'll help:

Tailin' Palin (close media coverage) Wailin' Palin (complaining about close media coverage) Nailin' Palin (with direct questions) Sailin' Palin (I dunno, maybe she goes out on a yacht?) Mailin' Palin (a snail-mail or e-mail campaign) Failin' Palin (we can only hope!) Curtailin' Palin (get the media to ignore her for a bit) Derailin' Palin (her train of thought) Hailin' Palin (as in "to the chief". Shudder!) Unveilin' Palin (for what she really is...which might result in...) Jailin' Palin (hopefully it won't come to that, but if it did, some rich white guy would be...) Bailin' Palin (out of jail) Exhalin' Palin (beats me...but it rhymes)

...and finally....

Pailin' Palin (when she gets asked foreign policy questions)

Do all the headlines need to be prose? Let's have a little poetry in there to liven things up!

Disclaimer: None of these were meant to be remotely sexual or promote sexism or violence against women. If any of them mean that, it's coincidental and not the primary definition of the verbs as I understand them.