American in Spain

Technology "Wow!" Moment

September 12, 2008

I just had a "Wow!" moment while chatting with a friend who made the comment "Isn't technology amazing?", or something similar. So I evaluated what technology was doing for me at that instant. I was, simultaneously:

  1. Chatting with a friend over Google Talk using a Jabber-compatible client (iChat)
  2. Viewing the screen of a coworker on another continent
  3. Having a VOIP telephone conversation with said coworker
  4. Hosting a development web server for another coworker to make some database updates to
  5. Downloading and installing an operating system upgrade for my iPhone
  6. Downloading, via BitTorrent, two albums (that I already own, Mr. RIAA!)
  7. Streaming live video from a helicopter flying over Houston during the attack of Hurricane Ike

All without peaking much over 300 kibibytes per second of bandwidth. Pretty amazing.