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High Tide Port Walk

September 11, 2008
Boat Reflection

A couple weeks ago, Marga and I took an evening walk down by the port of Colindres. I decided to take my camera along. If you walk around with a hammer, you're gonna hit something. So naturally, I took some photos. By complete luck, it was almost the peak of high tide. As I've mentioned before, the difference between high and low tide here is enormous, so it was odd to see the fishing boats towering over us with the water so high.

Warning: this post may contain trace amounts of bollards. Repairing the net

It seems pretty amazing to me that these nets would be repaired by hand. Net sewing is a traditional fisherman's wife task here.

Boat Reflection

Fishing boat reflected.

Evening at the docks

Looking across the bay to the Bosch factory.

Bailing out water

Thousands of liters of water being dumped here. Presumably it's draining the bait tanks, where they keep the live bait.

Fishermen's Slickers

Stereotypical fishermen slickers.

Like a fish out of water (except it's a boat)

Like a fish out of water, except it's a boat. You don't realize how huge these things really are until you see them dry.

Fishing at high tide

Colindres residents rush out at high tide to fish. I'm rarely out there at highest tide, but I'd never seen so many fishermen out there standing on the bank with lines in the water. Perhaps the warm weather is also a factor.

Cloudy Panorama

A full panorama of the fluvial tidal flood plain.


This stick always just looks like a stick in the mud, but at high tide, it turns into a sea monster!

Kitty Litter

Kitty litter. I felt a little self-conscious pointing my huge DSLR camera over the wall of this house, but I had to get the kitten shot. However, the kitchen window was open and the woman inside saw me. She said to her companion, "Look, someone's taking a photo!" She asked what I had taken the picture of. Embarrassed, I pointed to the cats. So she said, "That's not what you should be taking a picture of! Look at these crabs!"

Crabs and Cooking Señora

I love walking around the old fishermen neighborhoods of Colindres.