American in Spain

Extremadura Evening Walk

August 28, 2008
My Walking Stick

To finally wrap up my coverage of this year's trip to Extremadura, I'm including some photos from an evening walk we took on the last day. There's a rural park that we walk to sometimes.

Warning: This post contains broken glass, lambs, and wood carving. Chapel

Of course the park has a chapel.

Kids Playing Tennis

Some kids were playing tennis (with trick-shots, too!) on the road when we arrived. That's Marga, Marce, and Grandpa Ramón entering the gate back there.

Chapel Steeple

Church steeple.

Windy Road

I love this windy road shot. I took it several years ago and a similar photograph was on the front of the town festival brochure.

Family Leaves Me Behind

Family walking down the road. Hey guys! Wait up!


I poked my camera into a little hole looking into a building with lamb noises.

Frightened Lambs

The flash freaked them out a little bit.

Full Moon Rising

The full moon rising over a rural Spanish landscape.

Full Moon Over Farm House

Full moon over a farm house.

Moon Over Glass Shard Wall

Rural Spain uses broken glass for added wall security.

My Walking Stick

I did my very first wood carving with a pocket knife on this walk. This is my walking stick that I found on one of our morning walks. This is currently my iPhone wallpaper.

Higuera de la Serena Sunset

The setting sun leaves the town of Higuera de la Serena, just as we would the following morning. Until next year, Extremadura!