American in Spain

Sunny Morning Walk

July 10, 2008
Sea Gulls Take Flight

After slathering on some sunscreen, I grabbed my camera and set out on a long coastal walk this morning. What follows are items that caught my eye. Come, walk with me...and be sure to check out the panoramas. Sea Grass

Sea grass still above water at high tide.

Bug On Flower

A little bug on a white flower.

Farm Gate

A red gate to a farm.

Pink Flower

Pink flower.

Spider Web

Spider webs between flowers.

Spider Web

Same as above, but focused on background web.

Snails in grass

Some snails up on high grass.

Cone snail on grass

Nice conic shell. This looks like one of those crabs you see on the beach, but it's clearly a snail.

Beach Panorama with House

A panorama of the Colindres, the beach, and a little house out there in isolation. See full version.

Boat and Lighthouse

Boat and lighthouse.

Sunken Vessel

The bow of a sunken ship. I wonder how long it's been there?

Boat Skeleton

The same ship with another boat skeleton in the background.

Sunken Ship

Kind of creepy how much they resemble rib cages.

Wooden Bridge

A bridge over a little creek.

Fish come in with tide

There were tons of fish feeding in this shallow water, leaping into the air. I spent about 10 minutes there trying to catch one in the air, but was unsuccessful.

Bridge Panorama

A panorama of the bridge and creek area and the sunken boats above. See full version.

Wall protecting grass

This grass is growing perfectly behind this short wall, and nowhere else.

Sea Gulls Take Flight

Did you notice the seagulls on the beach in some of the above photos? I went out there to scare them into flight ('cause I'm nice like that), but I hoped to get closer before they all took off.

Sea Gulls Take Flight

Gull storm.


Some soon-to-be flowers.


Some horse stables. There is a lot of horse-related activity in that area of the beach. If I was a horse person, I'd be down there a lot more.

Stable Door

Cool stencils.

Lovely Yard

A nicely manicured yard. Pretty idyllic, huh?


Purple flowers.

Bed Spring Fence

A lot of places around here use old bed springs as fences. One farm had about 30 or 40 of them all lined up.

Lovely Picnic Location

What a wonderfully peaceful place to have a summer picnic. I don't know what kind of fruit that is all around, but the table and setting is lovely.

This is an experiment to make the panoramas more accessible. I'm not sure I like it that much. What do you think?

That's it! My feet hurt a little. I hope you enjoyed our walk.