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Euro 2008 Champions!!

June 30, 2008
Go Spain! (cropped)

Wow! What a night! Who knew that an optimistic attitude like Podemos would really work? I was wondering the whole time if they would stop using that word for the Euro 2008 coverage if Spain got knocked out of the tournament. But I guess we'll never know.

We were going to go to a local bar with people our age (although we know very few of them) to watch the final, like we had with many of the previous Euro 2008 games. But then we got invited by some of our older salsa dancing friends to a bar in Laredo to watch the game. We knew it was going to be a lower-key crowd, and therefore a little less fun, but we don't have that many friends that call us to invite us for things like this, so we decided that in the long run it was better to go with them. I had the idea to set my video camera up recording us for the whole game and then edit it down to the emotional reactions of goals and near misses. Too bad my camera stopped recording three minutes before the final whistle, but luckily nothing happened in those three minutes. The final result of my video idea is a lot of drunken gesticulation at the television on my part. And my hug for Marga was about as uncomfortable-looking as the one the king gave the queen when the goal was scored (the final score was 1-0, in case you didn't know). After the game, someone suggested we go "to the fountain", which I took to be the name of another bar I hadn't heard of. But no, they really meant to go see the elated inebriated Spaniards dunking themselves in the town fountain in the middle of Laredo's main round-a-bout.

El Vapor

Bar El Vapor that we saw a lot of previous games in. They were going to bring their projector out onto the street and use the side of the building.

Go Spain!

Go Spain!!!!!!!


Cubatas in girly glasses. Mine's the gin & tonic in front.

Spain Rules

I asked if I could write on their flag in English.

European Champs! WOOHOOO!!!!