American in Spain

Wedding Video Photos: Marga

June 29, 2008
Dirty Digger

Part of finishing up our wedding video responsibilities included choosing photos of each of us as children for the obligatory "before they met" montage. This post is dedicated to the adorable little Spanish girl that became my wife. Marga Baby Girl

In Spain, baby girls get their ears pierced more or less immediately. As far as babies go, Marga was quite pretty. Perhaps I'm biased.

Dirty Digger

I think this is my favorite photo. What a dirty little digger playing in the not-yet-paved streets in Extremadura.

Dont touch the Rooster!

No doubt just before this photo was taken, she had been specifically instructed to NOT touch the ceramic rooster.

Carnival Princess

Fairy tale princess ready for Carnival.

Belén and Marga Carnival

Same dress, new hat, more glitter, posing with her sister, Belén, for a professional photographer.

Marga and Belén With Car

Looking good with a handbag.

Marga and Belén On Car

Great smiles.

Marga Communion

First Communion.

Marga Copenhagen Mermaid

Posing with the mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Walsall Technical College Graduate

In Spain, they don't do these funny hats for graduation, so when Marga got a diploma in England and had the opportunity to have a graduation ceremony, she took the opportunity to wear a goofy graduation hat.