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Spain Discovers Mars

June 18, 2008
Surface of Mars

Spain's first interplanetary space mission has landed successfully on the surface of Mars and has begun transmitting images back to Earth. "The Spanish Interplanetary Exploration Space Travel Agency has been planning this mission for decades," said José Mentiroso, the spokesperson for SIESTA, thrusting a glass of red wine into the air vigorously. The lander, known as "El Toro" for its intense charge towards the red planet, touched down early this morning and immediately began sending images back home. When asked about rumors that they were really looking for a spice trade route and just accidentally stumbled upon the Martian planet even though other countries have been sending probes there for years, Mentiroso replied that "history will forever remember Spain as the discoverer of the red planet!" Surface of Mars

Martian terrain from El Toro, the SIESTA lander.