American in Spain

Photos from Last Weekend

June 5, 2008
Mossy Fence

Last weekend we went to a cheese festival, called Quesucada, in nearby Laredo. We missed it last year and regretted not going. It turned out to be nothing but a dozen vendor stands crammed too closely together such that you couldn't see anything or walk comfortably. There was a bunch of shouting between the idiots trying to push a pram through the crowd and the idiots that insist on standing still in groups of 5 or more in the middle of the narrow path. So, needless to say, we won't be intentionally attending any Quesucadas in the future. Papier Mâché Goats

These were at the cheese festival thing. Are papier mâché animals or people ever not creepy? I don't think so. Well, okay, sometimes.

Weeping Pig

What could you possibly be thinking, running a carnicerí­a and charcuterí­a, painting a weeping pig on your van!!? With a knife through it!? Aaahh!

Mossy Fence

Some moss I noticed while nosily peering over a fence keeping me out of private property. Marga saw me take the picture and started chuckling. "I was just thinking about that 'moss rocks' comment that Simon left on your blog," she said. "Moss rules," I corrected. "You people are weird," concluded my wife, smiling.

Puddle shows spectrum in clouds

I noticed the colors in the clouds as I approached this puddle. I don't think it's an actual sun dog, but something similar. It was too bright to see directly (not reflected).

Marismas Pan

Low tide in the tidal river basin that borders Colindres. The lighting made everything look particularly green. Worth checking out in larger size.