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Filling The Brita Pitcher

June 3, 2008
Water Drop Splashback

A couple years ago we bought a Brita water filtering pitcher that we pass all the water we drink through. We don't really need it, but the water does taste just slightly better after filtration. But the difference is so subtle that we can often go several months without changing the filter that you're supposed to change every three weeks. My skeptic mind immediately saw through the "change every three weeks" logic. How spent a filter is depends on two things: 1) How much water you've passed through it, and 2) How dirty the water is. Time should have almost nothing to do with it. But, like I said, we're pretty lazy about changing them. The other day, when I was refilling the pitcher, I accidentally left the tap running too slow and saw how the bubbles danced around under the surface of the water. After testing various tap settings, I decided to grab my camera and make a little video.

Then, for some reason, it occurred to me to try some drop photography. This has always fascinated me and I've been meaning to try some. And I hope to do some more. So here you go. A few drops and a short video of dancing bubbles. Water Drop

Water Drop Splashback

This video can also be seen on Flickr, YouTube, Yahoo, Metacafe, DailyMotion,, Veoh, Crackle, Stupid Videos and Viddler.

I downloaded the soundtrack from here, from the site I mentioned the other day. It's Bubbles, by The Free Design.