American in Spain

Two Years Old

June 2, 2008

Today is the second birthday of this blog. When I went back to look at my first post just now, I noticed the link to my previous blog. It was broken, of course, but I've repaired it temporarily for those that are curious. It was done in iBlog, which is disgusting next to Wordpress. There was no database backend. The data about the posts and comments was all kept in a static javascript file! That's about as nauseating as having poop in a jar.

I also notice from the One Year Ago widget that I announced my plan to migrate all my photos off my blog's server and onto Flickr a year ago. Unbelievably, I completed this task just two weeks ago, when the final Cactus Cam images made it to Flickr. As my more loyal readers my recall, we already had cactus flowers in May last year. This year, Mr. Cactus isn't producing any because he's really cramped in his pot. We've been trying to find adequate gloves – and courage – to move him to a new vessel, but we have yet to do so. I have little doubt that, upon getting a bigger home, he will thrive like never before.

That's all the internal blog news for now. Let's make this third year the best yet!