American in Spain

Basque Storm

May 27, 2008
Wet Railing

On Sunday in Mondragon, we had a tremendous thunderstorm come through and drop a ton of rain and hail. Luckily, we were all safe inside my in-laws' house. It sure was fun a hail of a good time to watch. Here's a video I took as we watched the storm from the balcony. The commentary by a giddy Marga makes the video pretty funny to watch. It's like she had never seen a storm before. This is my first attempt at subtitling. Most of the words uttered are either ¡mira! or ¡joder!. The former means "look!" and the latter doesn't translate well into English.

Sorry about the large size of the player, but it's really worth viewing at full size. Or, if you prefer, this video is also available on YouTube, Metacafe, Google, DailyMotion,, Crackle, Stupid Videos, Sclipo and Viddler.

My wife, Marga, really is a very intelligent, sophisticated woman. I think that ability to turn into a giggling awestruck child at the sight of how amazing nature is is actually a feature, not a bug.