American in Spain

Sunny Walk Around Colindres

May 16, 2008
Playground Rooster

These are some photos I took during a sunny walk around Colindres last week. Things are slowly warming up here. Still haven't worn any shorts yet, but the day is coming. Playground Rooster

Playground rooster. What's great about this photo is that you can just barely see my living room window. Click through to see the note.

Tidal Pools

The tide slowly comes back in. I'd love to do a timelapse video out where the tidal pools are, but I don't have the batteries for it.

Olive Tree

A wee olive tree.

Crumbling House over Restaurant

It's a shame that some of the healthier businesses in Colindres are on the ground floor of crumbling buildings like this.

Abandoned Mansion

One of the nicer abandoned mansions around.

New Bollardry

Some brand new bollardry installed lately.

Robot Face

I walk over this square sewer cover every day on the way to the grocery store. And the darn thing never stops staring at me.