American in Spain

Dominos Tournament

May 4, 2008

We went to the in-laws for the weekend. Not much happened, but I did spend some time on Saturday watching a dominos tournament at my father-in-law's social club. It was pretty interesting. The dominos have this little nub in the middle, presumably to make them easier to pick up when they're face down. The men playing insist on slamming each domino they play hard on the table and then sliding it into place. Dominos

Dominos with reflection.

Icy Drink

Someone's ice cold drink sitting on the window sill.

Domino Game

Four sets of hands gathered around the table.

Old Deck

An old deck of playing cards.

Spanish Playing Cards

The cards were particularly strange, because they had poker ranks (ace, king queen, etc.) with Spanish suits (swords, cups, coins, and clubs). Normally Spanish cards, instead of aces, kings, queens, and jacks, have aces, kings, horses, and pages.


Domino formation.

Dominos Dominos Box

Dominos box.


Mixing them up.

Lager Tube

My beer.

Bar Code Through Beer

Bar code distorted through beer.

Gentlemen's Items

Later, we went out onto the terrace on the roof and basked in the May heat.

Wine Glass

My wine glass.

Glass Rings

Three rings my glass made on the table between sips.