American in Spain

Fluffy Water

April 25, 2008
Thursday Sunrise

Occasionally the sky does something that makes me run to get my camera. I took the last two yesterday morning. Yesterday I had to get up at sunrise to go to the doctor to have some blood taken for analysis. Not because I'm ill, but because I'm healthy. It's been almost 20 years since I had any blood and urine analysis, so I thought it would be a good idea to get a "healthy" datapoint on my medical chart from my 30th year. Blue Sky!

Flat Clouds Textured Clouds

This was prettier to the naked eye than what the camera captured.

Angled Clouds

I'm pretty sure that the clouds on the right really are higher than those on the left. It's not just perspective. They also seem to follow the line from the rays of the sun. Bizarre.

Fluffy Water

Last Saturday, there were three or four of these little fluffy pairs of clouds, one above the other.

Fluffy Water

This one seems to be leaking. It was really windy, so I have to wonder of this is some kind of erosion. What's not clear is why the wind wouldn't just blow the whole cloud.

It reminds me of an accretion disk.

Thursday Sunrise

This was the sunrise yesterday.

Sunrise On Highrise

The morning sun reflected off some apartment buildings in Laredo.