American in Spain

Sunday Lunch

April 8, 2008

I introduced my in-laws to my new camera on Sunday. Here are a couple photos from Sunday lunch. Fond of Grandpa

A great profile of Grandpa and my glance of admiration. Belén's first attempt with the 40D is pretty impressive.


Rosy cheeked sister-in-law.

Grandpa and Me

Grandpa and me. Great shot of my chin dimple. How many hundreds of kids, throughout my lifetime, have told me, "Do you know you have a hole in your chin?"



Crate of Strawberries

Crate of strawberries for dessert. Grown in Andalucia, Spain.



Previously I took some photos of Snow White, and I was sent back for some dwarf pics.

Four of Seven

Four of seven.

Three of Seven

Three of seven.

Mini Minstrels

Mini minstrels. Does anyone recognize these as fairy tale characters?

And finally we end with a period of reflection...

Watery Roof

This watery roof has intrigued me since my first visit to Mondragon 7 years ago. This is the view of the elevated sidewalk. There is always a thin layer of water on this rooftop. I have to think that it's for insulation purposes. I wonder how effective that is.