American in Spain

Wilson and The Claw!

March 18, 2008

Marga and I took a walk down by the Colindres docks the other day. When we returned home, we had some pretty humorous photos captured on the camera. First, a little background...

Since learning it, bollard has become my favorite word. I find it's faux-vulgarity pretty funny.

By far, my favorite scenes from the Toy Story movies were the ones involving the little green creatures and The Claw, the sky deity they worship and who chooses them to be taken to the afterlife. YouTube link.

Okay, now you're prepared. Take a moment to guess the contents of photos that follow. Fishing Nets

Fishing net. Not funny, yet, but interesting. These nets are enormous!

Wilson, the friendly bollard

Wilson, the friendly bollard. Hilarious!

Then! Out of no where!

The sky opened up...and I was chosen.

The Claw

No!! The Claw!!

No!  Please don't select me!

Please don't choose me! Please!

Needless to say, I escaped to write this post.