American in Spain

Palm Sunday Stroll

March 16, 2008
Spring is here!

I took a walk with my camera this morning. It was a beautiful warm, but windy, day. During my walk, the church let out a full congregation, each person carrying a little twig. From what I can tell from Wikipedia, the significance of the palm on this day has to do with palm fronds being the 33. A.D. equivalent of a Hollywood red carpet, being laid for Jesus to walk on as he entered Jerusalem. Despite having tons of palm trees around, the congregation in Colindres clearly had some other species of recently felled plant. Castle Oranges

I have long loved the tower shape of the corner of this stone wall and the oranges that dangle above it.

Spring is here!

Leaves! Green! Yay!

Springing to life

It's almost like the trees are coming back from the dead. If I had to choose a time of the year to place a religious holiday with a "coming back from the dead" theme, this would be it.

Bird Buddies

Gull Friendship.

Low Tide

The tide had not yet reached the barriers.


This fountain gets a lot of use by kids in the summer.


Looking straight down from above.

Cracking Bark

This super-old tree has its bark absolutely shredded.

Shredded Bark

As I was taking this photo, a 50-something man rode by on a bicycle and said, "Yeah, that tree's gotta be really old!"

A Series of Tubes

A series of tubes. This is what the internet is, according to the US Congress.

I liked how the blue sky shone through.


Granados. I assume it's the name of the apartment complex that this little square belongs to.

Palm Sunday

The congregation leaving the church, twigs in hand.