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Philadelphia Salad

March 13, 2008
Salad Cream Cheese

I thought I'd write about my new favorite salad topping: cream cheese. My wife found it in the supermarket while buying cream cheese for her cheesecake. When we ran out, I tried with some regular spreadable cream cheese, and it didn't work quite as well as the packaged block for salads, but it might have been that the spreadable was "light". It still works, and you should try it even if you can't find the specially packaged "salad cream cheese".

At first, we weren't sure we liked it, but by about the second or third time we had a salad with these cream cheese cubes, we loved it! Salad Cream Cheese

Interestingly, the word for cream cheese in Spanish is queso filadelfia. It's one of those brand names that enjoys being synonymous with its product, like Kleenex or Frisbee.

Salad with Cream Cheese Cubes

Cut into small pea-sized cubes and sprinkled on the salad.

Try it. You'll thank me.