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March 13, 2008
Wedding Ring or Disco Ball?

It took longer than I expected for my wedding ring to become a part of my body. I was expecting to not regularly notice its existence by Christmas, but it still felt odd as we entered the new year. Today is my five month anniversary, and I can definitely say that I no longer notice my ring on a regular basis, and it feels very odd when I take it off. It really only gets taken off when I go to the gym, because it hurts to use the weight machines with it on.

It does, however, get played with sometimes as I sit at my desk. The particular design we chose has many flat surfaces that make it appear shinier, or more sparkly, than if it were smooth. It scatters sunlight in a nice way, forming an arc of little dots on whatever surface it's near. The other day, I was admiring the sparkliness and thought I'd get out my camera to see if I could capture some of it for your viewing pleasure. I'm sure there's a metaphor here about marriage being multifaceted. Ring Shadow

Shadow cast by setting sun. I love the reflection from the inside of the ring.

Wedding Ring or Disco Ball?

Reflected dots.

Date In Focus

Date in focus, front of ring out of focus.

Date Out Of Focus

Front in focus, date out of focus.

This is really about as macro as my 17-85mm lens can get.