American in Spain

Gay Lichen Door

March 3, 2008

The weather around here has been spectacularly crappy lately. Here are a few photos that I took a few weeks ago when it was sunny. I've been unable to tie them to anything or even to each other, except through this "should be a band name" post title. So prepare yourself for a door, some lichen, and something very, very gay. Door

The way the sun was lighting this door caught my eye. This is from the part of town where people live in individual houses down at street level.


Playing with depth of field and some symbiotic controlled parasitism.

Groom and Groom

In case you had any doubts about the legal status of gay marriage in Spain, this couple live in a pastry shop window next to their heterosexual wedding cake topping counterparts. Pretty freaking adorable, if you ask me. And it's just like gay men to snub ties and wear suits with t-shirts.

And there you have it: Gay Lichen Door. Be sure to keep an eye out for GLD's debut album Symbiotic Controlled Parasitism Is Fabulous!, in stores soon.