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Yates Mill

February 20, 2008

On my week of commuting into work in Raleigh, NC, recently, I passed by a pretty cool-looking building: Yates Mill. According to the web page, a mill was first used on this site 250 years ago. That's like America's equivalent of one of Europe's still-standing ancient Roman structures. Except for demonstrative purposes, it hasn't milled anything for over 50 years. It is now a park run by NC State University. I took these photos while standing on a bridge in the meter between the guard rail and the 45 mph commuter traffic, so you'd better appreciate these dam photos!

Yates Mill

In case you were curious about the address.

Dam Waterfall

This little area with the water falling over the dam is beautiful.

Water Wheel

The water wheel.


Wide angle.

Water Snake Habitat??

Water snake habitat? Yikes! That's enough to keep me out of there.

I Pod

This little cracked pod on the way back to the car demanded a photo too.

In case you're curious about exactly where Yates Mill can even see the water wheel.

Not only that, but you can even see the mentioned guard rail in Google's Street View.