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Belgian Beer Night

February 19, 2008

Belgian FlagOn Monday, February 11, I went out with some of my high school hallmates to a specialty beer bar in Raleigh, called The Raleigh Times Bar. They had about 200 different beers on the menu, with a special section for Belgian Beers. I was pretty much in heaven. We had three different beers, each in 750 ml bottles, and each one came with a different glass, and each one was completely unique and they were all fantastic! Pierre Celis Signature - Grotten Brown

Pierre Celis Signature - Grotten Brown. A deep, smooth brown ale.

Hiver Fantôme

Hiver Fantôme, quite a terrifying label. The name must mean "Winter Ghost". Their website is straight from 1998, frames and ugly background and all.

Flemish Primitive Wild Ale

Flemish Primitive Wild Ale. At least these guys have a computer-looking thing on their "website".

Simon, I'm coming to live with you.