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Historic Morganton Courthouse

February 6, 2008
Historic Morganton Courthouse

Today we had some amazing weather here in western North Carolina. Sunny and 25° C. After lunch, I took a walk around the old historic courthouse, the main historical landmark in downtown Morganton. Confederate Soldier Monument

A soldier monument honoring fallen Confederate soldiers. The South will rise again! Yeehaw.

Old Courthouse

Wide angle courthouse.

Courthouse dome


Historic Morganton Courthouse

Another angle.

Tepee on Courthouse Lawn

Some sort of tepee demonstration. Those Indians think they can just come onto our land and live there! Hardly seems fair.

Tip-top Tepee Top

Conic tepee vertex. I like this shot.

Senator Sam J Erving

Yosemite Senator Samuel J. Ervin Jr. He headed the Watergate investigation, I'm told.

Senator Sam J Erving with bubblegum?

Looks like he's got some green bubble gum.

Handicap Mustang

A sweet red mustang seemed like an odd car for a handicap tag.

Table Rock

Table Rock, the symbol of Burke County, always seen on the horizon. I went to the top in 2003.

Having lived as an expat for so long, I find that all places, even my home town, are foreign enough to me to be photographed with curiosity. Funny that.