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Dog Heads And More

February 4, 2008

To better familiarize myself with my new camera, I just took a little photographic safari around my parents' house, snapping wildlife and interesting objects. Sam Face 1

Sam's face.

Sam Face 2

He was not pleased at being awoken from slumber.

Sam Face 3

Wide angle Westie.


Buster was also at his day job.

Springer Profile

Springer profile.


An urn containing some of my grandmother.

Young Parents

My parents when they were younger than I am now. They had a little bluegrass band.

Week Clock

My mother got this as a joke for my father for when he retires (to know what day of the week it is), but she couldn't wait until he retires to give it to him, so they put it up already.

Stuffed Cerberus

A stuffed Cerberus doll guards the encyclopedias.

Westie Windsock

Westie windsock.

Deck Table

A cool cover on the deck table.

Westie Wind Chimes

Westie wind chimes. Have you noticed a theme?

Indoor Westie

Indoor westie.

That's all for now.