American in Spain

First photos with new camera

February 3, 2008

After arriving at 19:00, we had dinner and I was in bed by 20:45. With the darn timezone switch, I couldn't sleep past about 4:30 the next morning. So I got up and played around with my brand new Canon EOS 40D camera. I took about 100 shots of my parents' guest room, only one of which is worth sharing. The rest are of my folks' four pets. Guest Room

Wide angle with flash reflected through the mirror onto the wall.

Fluffy Profile

Fluffy profile. "Baby" is her name. She used to be an indoor cat, but she hasn't set a foot indoors since the three dogs arrived.

Can someone clean this glass?

The glass could use a little scrubbing.

Is that a EOS 40D??

Sam wants to know if that's a real Canon EOS 40D.

Curled up

Buster curled up on the love seat.

Blue and Paul

Blue, Paul, and the iMac.

Clubs in the living room

My father tries out the 40D with me and my golf clubs in the living room.