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Planting a Plum Tree

January 27, 2008

Marga has always considered "planting a tree" to be one of those items on the "things you must do in your lifetime" list. Today she checked that item off the list. At a dinner party last night, we learned that some friends were planning on planting a tree today, and Marga couldn't contain her desire to help. So we went over to their house this morning and helped them plant a new plum tree. The plum tree

The tree and its godmother.


The tree had four different types of plum trees grafted onto its branches.

Grafted Branch

It's amazing how similar these photos are to the one on the Wikipedia page for grafting.

Making a hole

First you gotta dig a hole.

Digging a hole

It's hard work!

Hello New Zealand!

Hello New Zealand!!


Insert tab B into slot A.

Proper positioning

Get in there!

Filling in the hole

Make sure it's positioned straight.

Make it straight

Okay, fill in the hole, boys!

Filling in

Almost done.

Raking excess

Raking excess dirt.

Stamp stamp

Stamp, stomp, stamp.

A little water to make it grow

A little water to make it grow.

Same height

Planted tree and godmother, exactly the same height. Which will be taller next year?

The team

The team poses for a shot: Juan Carlos, Carmen, Marga, Jose Mari, and Mari Jose. Yes, the last two are married. Catholics, I bet.


Some wildflowers on the stroll to the pub to celebrate.

Hopefully we can return to the tree next January and see how its doing. Marga has been promised the first plum produced.