American in Spain


January 22, 2008

Moving from the US to the UK to Europe, which all use different shoe size metrics, means that when I'm shoe shopping and the shoe salesperson asks me what size I wear, I no longer have any idea what to say. I look like an idiot while I start examining my current shoes to find a size number, and, before I do, the shop attendant guesses by eye and leaves to bring me some shoes to try on.

Marga added some insoles to her favorite boots yesterday. Somehow, these insoles had followed us from the UK. The dotted lines intrigued me. So, while she was cutting the left foot, I stole the right and snapped a few photos. Whole Insole

I think I'm either 44 or 45 in Europe.

UK-to-Euro Shoe Size Conversion Chart

UK-to-Europe shoe size conversion chart.