American in Spain

Mountain Walk

January 21, 2008

On Saturday, the weather was gorgeous, so, after lunch, I went for a walk in the nearby hills. Marga wasn't feeling well and didn't want to come, but I couldn't resist the urge for some fresh air and sunshine. I didn't have any particular destination in mind when I set out from home, but, what I found was pretty spectacular.

Walk with me on a 36-photo journey... Bedroom Window Panorama

As you may recall, this is the view from our house. I often see sheep and horses and cows and things roaming the grassy hills.

Looking up from home

This is the photo I took after I got back, looking towards where I had been. See the little house with the blue tarp? (click the image to see the Flickr note if you don't see it)

Horses from home

Here it is under the telephoto lens.

Sledding Stumps

On the way up, I saw the strangest sight. Apparently, the recent winds knocked down these two trees, and they sledded down the hill, tearing up everything in their path, finally coming to rest at the bottom.

Blown Over

This tree also seems to be a casualty of wind.

Moon Hill

The moon provided a nice incentive to keep climbing.

Moon Meadow

It looks like it's just over the horizon.


Sunlit daisies, with Pico Candiano behind.


A panorama with the medieval church and sunlight reflecting off the Rí­o Asón. Larger here.

Looking Home

Looking back at our house.

Digital Zoom Sucks

Here it is with digital zoom. I hate digital zoom.

Colindres Panorama

Check out this view! 12996 x 1688 original version (9 MB).

Laredo Panorama

You can follow the curve of Laredo's beach by the tops of the buildings. With Santoña in the background. Larger here.

In line with bridge

I noticed that I was perfectly in line with the motorway bridge.

Colindres Panorama (with horses)

At the very top of the road, by the building with the blue tarp, there were some horses casually grazing. This is what their daily view looks like. Larger here.


Sunlit pine.

Looking up at horses

Looking back up at the horses while descending the hill.

Sheep-eye view of house

My house with sheep in the foreground.

Camino Real

I was walking the Camino Real.

Silver Lining

Every sheep has a silver lining.


I tried to count them, but I kept dozing off.

Grass with House

House through grass.

Farm House

This farm house was pretty gorgeous in the setting sun.


A panorama with the farm house. Larger here.

Barbed Moon

Barbed moon.

Post Focus

Post in focus.

House Focus

House in focus.

Post and House in Focus

Digitally combined for both to be in focus.

Cow Shadow

Bovine umbra.

Cows Feeding

They aren't the cleanest of animals.

Broken Wall

This wall seems to have some problems.

Moon Field

Lunar meadow.

Red Cactus Growth (1 of 2)

Any idea what these red growths on this cactus are? Flowers? New branches or leaves or whatever the parts of a cactus is called?

Red Cactus Growth (2 of 2)


What could be beyond this wall?

Vined wall. Makes you want to know what's on the other side, doesn't it?

Moon Hawk

This hawk almost passed over the moon.

It may not surprise you that, by the time I got home, I was so obsessed with the moon that I had to give the old DIY telephoto lens a try.


What's amazing about this is that the sky was still blue. As I was searching for the moon in the binoculars, it was nothing but blue. And when I finally found it, the camera adjusted and the background went black. Crazy, huh? This is definitely my best moon photography.

It also might not surprise you to learn that I made a video of the moon, but I don't like it that much and don't think it's worth embedding here. I'll do a better one sometime.

I hope you've enjoyed our walk through the countryside. I sure did!