American in Spain

Homer Rice

January 17, 2008

On Saturday, we decided to have a light, easy lunch. I was sitting in the living room watching the Simpsons, and Marga was preparing lunch in the kitchen. It was that episode of the Simpsons where the Japanese steal Homer's face to use as a detergent logo, Mr. Sparkle. Keep in mind this preconditioning.

The meal was arroz a la cubana, which is just some white rice (with a little sautéed onions) fried eggs, and some tomato sauce, which we add ourselves at the table. Simple and light, but delicious.

Given what I've gold you so far, imagine my reaction when I was called to the table and this plate was placed in front of me. Homer Simpson Rice

Tell me that's not Homer Simpson! Even down to the little curly hair on top.

Well, gotta go. The orderly says my computer time is up and I have to go back to my padded cell now.