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January Sunset Panoramas

January 10, 2008
Sunset 1

This evening's sunset was particularly spectacular. So I made a panorama to showcase its beauty. Just as I was about to upload the photo, I looked over my shoulder and saw an even more gorgeous range of colors, so I had to take more photos and make another panorama. Enjoy! Sunset Panorama

How lovely is that?

Sunset 1

I love the yellow and blue together like that.

Sunset 2

This formation to the south drew my eye.

This is when I went to stitch together the above panorama, and when I had to stop because of the colors below.

The sky's on fire!

Look at that!

Wide angle

Wide angle.

What's that on the horizon?

This silhouetted figure on the horizon reminded me of a particular pear-shaped, rope-armed figure I've seen somewhere.


Vertical shot.

Red Clouds

I love that color!

Sunset Panorama 2

I took each shot in this panorama vertically and then stitched them together horizontally. Unaccustomed to this method, I was unable to keep the camera level, and hence the empty spaces in the stitching.

And then a little bit later...


Good night.