American in Spain

Happy Winter Solstice, Everybody!

December 22, 2007

Today the sun is at it's lowest arc in the southern sky, something our ancestors have been celebrating for many millennia. We are headed to the in-laws to celebrate the solstice in the typical Spanish way, with food, wine, and merriment. Christmas Tree 2007

Our meager little tree with our modest collection of gifts. The big one is for me! This photo was taken with no flash nor any lights on in the room other than those of the tree.

Evil Christmas Tree Star

The star at the top of the tree is a little evil-looking. It would make Charlie Brown flinch, anyway.

The following are some videos of the kinds of festivities we will hopefully be partaking in this year.


A Christmas procession in Mondragon, Spain Basque Country. Those crazy Baaaa-sques and their anthropomorphized sheep!


Marga's family and a dumbfounded me singing typical Christmas Eve songs with typical instruments.

Golfing Santa hit is ball into the trees

Golfing Santa and I wish you a wonderful penultimate weekend of 2007.