American in Spain

International Shipping Sucks

December 20, 2007

I've sent a few packages abroad lately, and for every single one of them, the shipping cost more than the value of the items being sent. That's pretty frustrating, but I guess it's obviously true for the base case of a single sheet of paper, so maybe I can't complain. And something simple like a cookie or a cigar that is easy to purchase here goes up in value when sent to a place where it can't be easily purchased. Perhaps my annoyance is irrational. I received packages of Christmas joy from my Uncles Neil and Steve today. I haven't opened the wrapped present from Uncle Neil, but I loved the photo attached to it and I thought the envelope was pretty funny.

Stamp Mania!

These stamps look just like this one, which costs $0.41. By my calculations, that brings the total stampage on this package to $7.20. I love how the guy that stamps that red seal over the stamps, in Schroeder, MN, in this case, had to go all crazy on this package. I can just hear the THUMP! THUMP! THUMP! as he hammered out red ink enough to cover all the stamps.

My scanner doesn't have drivers yet for my shiny new operating system, so I had to take a photo of the photo he sent.

From Uncle Neil

The description given for the photo:

The sunrise over the water vapor over Lake Superior as seen through our window. December 8, 2007, -8° F, Grand Marais, Minnesota

There's something very intimate about sharing the view out your own window.

Thanks to both uncles for sharing.