American in Spain

Dramatic Lighting, starring Mini-Munk

December 14, 2007
Quarter Munk

Earlier this week, I received a shipment of spices from the New World. That is, after all, why Columbus went that way in the first place back in the early 90's. As so often happens when shipping things, somehow a little rodent got in there and hitched a ride with the goods. He really is a tiny little guy, as you can see from the photo on the right.

Anyway, he's been sitting on my desk staring at me all week, and I've been noticing how his shadow moves around him as various light sources hit his little porcelain body. So I got my flashlight and a piece of paper and experimented with lighting him from various angles. My favorite is the last one, since his surprised look makes him look like a prisoner that was making a run for it before the spotlight caught him. Mini-Munk Lighting 1

Mini-Munk Lighting 2 Mini-Munk Lighting 3 Mini-Munk Lighting 4

Does he remind you of anything?